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Rental Property Inquiries and Complaints

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  2. Use this form to request information or submit complaints about residential rental housing.
    In 2000, the Ranson City Council Adopted the Rental Dwelling Unit Registration Ordinance No. 138 to promote health and safety standards for rental housing and to secure and preserve the integrity and character of residential districts within the city. These standards relate to the condition, maintenance and occupancy of rental dwelling units and are intended to ensure that rental housing is safe, sanitary and suitable in accordance with applicable provisions of the State building code and other regulations as adopted by the city. Sec. 5-203 of the Ranson Municipal Code states, "An owner or operator shall not rent or offer for rent any dwelling unit for use in whole or in part for human habitation unless a written application for a certificate of use and occupancy has been filed for such dwelling unit or a valid certificate of use and occupancy has been issued for such dwelling unit by the code official indicating that inspection found the premises to be in substantial compliance with the state building code."
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