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Charles C. Marcus Field


  1. Football Field
Charles C. Marcus Field is the home of Jefferson County Youth Football and is an excellent example of how a public-private partnership can work.  This excellent facility is a collaboration of efforts between the City of Ranson, Jefferson County Youth Football League and Marcus Enterprises.  The facility was constructed by Marcus Enterprises as part of its Briar Run Development and deeded to the City of Ranson.  Through an agreement and partnership, Jefferson County Youth Football manages the facility for the City of Ranson and the Ranson Parks and Recreation Commission. 

Jefferson County Youth Football League

Jimmy Pierson and Kenny Anders started the Jefferson County Youth Football League (JCYFL) in 1989. They had 74 kids, which included cheerleaders, spread across three teams. They played on a softball field in Lee Town and practiced wherever they could find enough grass. The league was incorporated that same year as a non-profit corporation.

Today JCYFL has about 700 kids.  Each of the six teams has a PeeWee (ages 6 - 7), Freshman (ages 8 - 9), Junior Varsity (ages 10 - 11), and Varsity (ages 12 - 13) squad that includes its compliment of cheerleaders. Once selected for a team, during the yearly draft, the child will remain on that team until they reach the maximum age of 13. All their siblings will participate on that same team as well.

For more information visit the Jefferson County Youth Football website.
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