Ranson Sewer Department
The Ranson Sewer Department and the Jefferson County Public Service District provide sewer service within the City of Ranson. Residents and businesses located in Old Town Ranson, Fairfax Crossing, Potomac Marketplace, and Shenandoah Springs are customers of the Ranson Sewer Department. For questions or concerns regarding sewer service, please contact:

Ranson Sewer Department
312 S. Mildred Street
Ranson, West Virginia 25438
Telephone Number:  (304) 725-1010
Emergency Number: (304) 725-8484
Fax Number (304) 728-8579

Sewer Main Blockages
The city occasionally experiences sewer main blockages which disrupts normal sewer service. With just a little bit of help from you, the city's sewer lines will operate more effectively and less disruptions in service will occur. Listed to the left are items that should not go down the drain as they may cause sewer lines to back up, and some tips you can follow to avoid an unfortunate sewer situation.  

To learn more about items than can cause costly repairs, click below:
Jefferson County PSD
The Jefferson County Public Service District (PSD) provides sewer service in Briar Run. For questions or concerns pertaining to sewer service, please email Jefferson County PSD or contact them at 304-725-4647, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Additional Information
If you experience a sewer backup, call 304-725-1010 during normal business hours. During non-business hours, please call 304-725-8484.