Current Projects

  1. American Public University

    Discover the updates to the American Public University.

  2. Evitts Run Park

    Check out the Evitts Run Park developments.

  3. Fairfax Boulevard

    Find out about the Fairfax Boulevard projects.

  4. Fifth Avenue Streetscape

    Read about the new Fifth Avenue Streetscape plans.

  5. Flowing Springs Park

    See area development plans for Flowing Springs Park.

  6. Powhatan Place

    Stay up to date with the latest developments at Powhatan Place.

  7. Ranson SmartCode

    Browse information about development for Ranson SmartCode.

  8. Safe Routes: Phase One

    Look at phase one of the Ranson Safe Routes.

  9. Safe Route: Phase Two

    Access information about phase two of the Safe Route developments.

  10. Safe Route: Phase Three

    Peruse the plans of the final phase for Safe Routes.

  11. Third Avenue Streetscape

    Check out the Third Avenue Streetscape development plans.

  12. Northport Station

    Summary of Northport Station and Progress